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PulseFit Max - The Smart Pulse Massager

PulseFit Max - The Smart Pulse Massager

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Enjoy The Pulse Therapy

Use It Anywhere Anytime

Use it anywhere - Neck, shoulder, arm, back, leg, feet, waist, calf. Enjoy a deep pulse massage that relieves pain points and reduces the discomfort.

Promotes Metabolism

Increases metabolism using constant heat compress to stimulate nerve cells

Improves Sleep

By relaxing muscles and nerve tension, the massager gets you ready for a perfect night of sleep.

No More Headaches

By improving blood flow and relaxing your muscles, your headaches will fade away.

Set The Massager, Sit Back and Relax

Get relaxed from those stiff muscles that we have developed over time by staring hours at computers, mobile phones, weird sleeping positions, stiff muscles on the lower back, shoulders, or neck.

Attach Patches And Feel The Pulse

Get pain relief from those stiff muscles tension, just attach both the patches, set the mode and feel the difference.

The best part is, these patches are easily wasable so that everyone can use without any hesitation

Who Can Use PulseFit?

Athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts

Relax strong muscle tensions or muscular discomfort.

Teleworkers and entrepreneurs

Relax muscular tensions after a long working day

Stress resistance and relaxation

Relax your head and enjoy a peaceful moment

Cervicalgia and chronic arthrosis

Our TENS technology was designed and developed to relieve cervical muscle tension.

Smartphone Users

Relieve muscle tension caused by bent-over head position.